Tick Tracer

Tick Tracer

Keyboard Tacker and Shortcut Generator

Tick Tracer is a lightweight keyboard monitoring program that can analyze and trace user activities on the keyboard. The program records all keyboard activities in your computer, so you can trace if someone used your computer and what they have accessed by running an analysis.

Tick Tracer is also a keyboard shortcut tool to open files, access programs and more. You can record your own settings for your shortcut. Shortcuts work by typing or pasting a text of your preferred shortcut name anywhere in the screen and the program will do the command.

With this feature, you don't need to put shortcuts to files on your desktop anymore. You can customize settings for this software, set sound effects for activation keys also for shortcut keys.

Also, the program can password-protect access to keyboard analysis, shortcut records and settings. Tick Tracer requires Microsoft . NET framework 2.